make a blog – challenge

Day one

set up. Okay okay I will reactivite Healthy Bones. What do become, what make a difference in this world? Being a healer, an animal communicator, a coach, a cat sitter, a animal caretaker, a friend, a writer, someone who speaks up, make this world softer and more friendly? Yes: be a good person, helping, supporting with touching, hands, words, writing. I want to make this world a better world. I want to offer my gifts as healer to animals, for lost souls. I want to speak for them. I want to smoothen the rough edges. To make life better and more serenity. ZEN.

How to reach?: Yoga, Meditation, Writing, Knitting, Reiki, Animal Communication.


Day two

what makes me angry?

Well, I don’t know really, I hate games and bad treatments of people and especially of animals. Texts that are full of mistakes. Bad translations. Making fun of me. Spitting on the soil. Smelling bad. Garlic, Onions and kinds.


Day three

what do people thank me for?

When I write them texts or preparing letters. I look after their animals. I care for pets. I do Reiki. I listen. When I am soft and well. I do admin stuff. When I do animal communication. When I do flyers. When I write minutes. When I am smiling and having a gentle word with people in the bus, in the streets. When I am charming and polite. When I speak to them. When I thank them or compliment. When I cook a delicious food.